Carbonology Sport upgraded their paddles in late 2019 to include the increasing popular coloured shafts. With the single most popular blade shape on the market today for kayak and surfski these paddles have excellent stability in flatwater, ocean conditions and rough water. The blade is hand built in the Carbonology Sport Factory in South Africa and has become one of the most widely used and trusted blades there due to its strength and reliability. Available in four blade sizes for all your paddling requirements. Paddles are available with 10cm Adjustable Shaft stock size 208/218 Coloured Adjustable shafts are 28.5mm diameter and have been made with 40% carbon giving strength whilst still offering great flexibility to avoid fatigue. CS0 XS / Perfect child paddle CS1 S- /455 /155 /680cm2 / Junior 12-15 years or small Ladies CS2 S /475 /160 /700cm2 / Sprint,Marathon & Surfski Ladies CS3 M /490 /163 /740cm2 /Sprint,Marathon/ Surfski Men and Ladies CS4 L /500 /166 /780cm2 /Sprint Men